Tru-Cut Saw

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CARBIDE TIPPED FERROUS & NON FERROUS SAWS 6"-120" (10ft) Visit Tru-Cut Saw's website We start with the finest raw steel available, laser cut to the customer\u00b4s specifications, then inspected before brazing. Once approved for brazing, the saws are loaded onto our Automatic High Frequency Induction brazing machine. After the saws are brazed, they are cleaned, straightened and inspected before grinding. Once approved for grinding, they are loaded onto our CHD 250 R service center (as shown) which is programmed for the appropriate grinds. Finally the saws are inspected and cleaned. Now they are ready to be delivered to the customer. COATINGS Best Applications: TITANIUM NITRITE (TiN) Recommended for steels and aluminum. TRU-CUT SAW offers recoatings for all new and repair blades
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