Scrap Baler

SKU: 68
Scrap Baler (Inv nm250H) Mach: 109099 We are pleased to offer the following for your consideration: ONE (1) USED HARRIS MODEL #TGS-322B-SR-2 PRESS AND SHEAR BALER, COPPER SCRAP TYPE: COPPER SCRAP TYPE 60" W x 50" DEEP x 172" L PRESS BOX DIMENSIONS 58" W x 120"L CLOSED BAILING CHARGING BOX 120" W x 120" OPEN BAILING CHARGING BOX 20" x 20" x 20" VARIABLE BALE SIZE 60 BALING CYCLES PER HOUR (cycle time 60 sec) FINAL PRESSING FORCE IS 550 Tons (2) MAIN SYSTEM MOTORS :: 100HP, 1750RPM
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