Nomex Spacer Bar Covers

SKU: 191
Nomex type is commonly used for normal extrusion aging cycles. Frequently handled throughout the industry to separate layers of extrusion as it travels through the aging oven. Double stitched material as seen in the photo is also available as an option upon special request. Please ask for "double stitch" in your quote request. Polyester shrink to fit bar covers generally are required as layer separation protection for automated stacking equipment. Since they are seamless, the entire surface is homogenous giving the maximum protection to the aluminum profiles and reducing the amount of waste material. Recommended operating temperature for Polyester Shrink-to-Fit covers is between 350-375 degrees Fahrenheit. CLICK HERE FOR A QUOTE Extrusion Supplies Can Supply you with: Standard Nomex type or polyester shrink to fit covers with open on end upon request.
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