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Emmegi Planet Model 10000 CNC 5- Axis age 2005

Emmegi Planet Model 10000 CNC 5- Axis age 2005

SKU: 1048

Machine Model : Planet Model 10000

- Year : 2005

- Length : 10 Meters Total Length of Bed as measured 41 Feet

- Number of clamps 8

- Number of tools 16

- Size of the blade 17” Diameter ( 450 mm)

- List of options, example :

- Central reference? Yes- According to maint. Mgr-

- How the clamp move? With the cabins OR independently Either way

- Single or double clamping (Looks like single on the picture) Single

- Can the machine do the “cut and separation” feature No

- what software comes with the machine (Camplus, shape, job, others ? Camplus & Shape

- Is there any spindle or computers that has been changed recently? No

- Is there any problems we should be aware of? None

- Are the machine coming with any spare parts? None


What is the timeline that we have to take possession of the machine? ASAP

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