Emmegi CNC Machine

SKU: 177
Model: Planet 1000 (Made in Italy) Year: 2007 Weight: 38,360 lbs (17400 kg) Power: 40kw 60A 380/3 phase 60Kz 5-axis CNC machining centre with mobile gantry, designed for milling, drilling, thread-cutting and slotting operations on bars or workpieces made of aluminium, PVC, light alloys in general and steel, with section up to 400 x 400 mm and length variable up to 15 metres. Behind the column there is predisposition (optional) for installing a cutting unit with blade dia. 550 mm, serving for making the separation cuts directly on the unmachined bar. The high power (16 kW S1) electro-spindle with HSK63F toolholder, allows performing the various machining operations including heavy duty ones. The 16-place rotary disc tool magazine (N/C axis) can also contain angle machining heads for machining on the bottom face. A blade tool dia. 450 mm is seated in a special extra place. The machine can be used in double mode for minimizing machine downtimes during workpiece loading/unloading. It is also possible to machine workpieces having different codes and machining operations between the two work areas.
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