Dima Simma - Die Storage Systems

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DimaSimma wishes to offer to the Customers its own experience for studying the engineering and the factory logistics. To understand the necessity to have an automatic warehouse is not enough, the future user of an automatic warehouse cannot know all the details and the peculiarity of a system compared to another one, so as to select the technology, a special solution and so on.. Together with our Customers we are ready to define the strategies, the solutions and the organisation of an important investment; in this way the investor will get a clear solution, defined for the obtainable results, the costs, the investment pay-back and a detailed timing for the installation and start-up of the system. DimaSimma will issue the feasibility study, examining critically and analytically the actual process of the customer in any detail. The subsequent process is the issue of a pre-project that not only indicates the equipment, the resources, the installations and the procedures, but also the advantages and the payback of the investment. In case of very complex project will DimaSimma develop a simulation so as to visualize the functioning by means of a movie. Simulation is a verification instrument.
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