Anodize Equipment Inv bcsc

SKU: 264
Tanks Brite Dip Tank and Hood Two SS Tanks lined with Polypropolene (Acid Etch) Three Polyprolene Twenty SS Five steel Tank Covers (8) Tank Burners (15) Ribbon Burners Head Tank 660 gallon SS Water Pumps (3) Acid Pumps (2) Heat Exchanger (2) Super Changer and (3) Plate Coils Roots Blower (4) Hoist (4) Trolley Drives Work Rails (20) Stack Racks Twist Racks Work Rail Carts Rectifier-Air Cooled 5000a 25v Rectifier-water cooled 6000amp 30v Rectifiers-5000 amp Rectifiers-6000 amp Splash Guards Electrical Disconnects Scrubber
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