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6500 ton Danieli Extrusion Press line (SOLD)

6500 ton Danieli Extrusion Press line (SOLD)

SKU: 1042

6500 ton Extrusion Press (1995)

Pumps: Combination of OilGear PVV-540-ALUV-LSFY-V-V24SA/116; L# 722914-214

and (2) Rexroth pumps MNR: R902465760/001  MNR: R902465760  FD: 2018W452  Vg 500ccm

(5) 400 hp motors

Elhaus billet loader with Indexing Device

16" billet dia 

Omav log oven

Omav hot log saw

Omav Water Quench Tunnel

Omav Rail mounted double puller

Omav traveling hot saw

Omav Handling system

210' roller run out conveyor

200' walking beam system

Omav automatic cut off saw

(1) Castool die preheat oven

(1) Belco die preheat oven

(3) Thermika IR Triple cell die ovens (2014)

Custom Hydraulic die extractor


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