5000 ton Wean United Extrusion Press

SKU: 12
5000 ton Wean United, Copper 13" Oil Hydraulic Extrusion Press with piercer. Still installed and under power in plant. Manufacturer: Wean United Year: 1981 Oligear upgrade: 2000 4-post design Billet heating 2 billet conveyor system Billet pre-heat furnaces Gas fired, blower fans, exhaust system, hydraulic load bar Hydraulic System 2-2000 Ajax Magnathermic Model Unit A S/N: H-2P150-C Model Unit B S/N: H-2P150 Induction Furnaces Electric type 1400 kW Capacity 60-second cycle Transfer Conveyor Cutler-Hammer programmable logic control Control Panel S/N: H-2915-J 52-gallons per minute water flow Input 550/605 volt 1792 KVA 2175 Max Amps Output 1250 volts 3313 KVA 2650 Max Amps 1600 KW
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