4000 MT Oil Hydraulic SMS-Innse Direct / Indirect Extrusion Press

SKU: 193
Extrusion Supplies SOLD this 4000 MT Oil Hydraulic SMS-Innse Direct / Indirect Extrusion Press Line with Omav Handling System includes: Billet Cut-To-Length Line, Billet Scalper with Billet Handling Equipment, Induction Billet Heater, Pre-Heater Die Oven, 4000 Metric Ton SMS-Innse Extrusion Press, Water Quench, Hot Saw, Single Puller, 150 Ton Inline Hydraulic Stretcher, Finish Saw, Handling Tables, Rexroth Hydraulics & Pump System, and Controls. Historical Note - This press was built new in 1990 and was not shipped to the original customer. The press was never installed and is currently disassembled and in storage. 4000 MT Italian, direct/indirect, press with Piercer (Circa 1990) with (Circa 1990) Omav handling equipment Rexroth Hydraulic System Billet cut -to-length line Gas fired billet heater Billet Scalper Induction billet heater Die Oven Runout table and walking beam cooling bed Water quench spray Hot Saw Puller 150 ton Hydraulic stretcher Finish saw Electric Aging furnace Solution heat treatment oven and water basin Spare parts 500 ton offline stretcher is NO LONGER available
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