Thermika Heating Systems

In 1990 a leading International Aluminum Extrusion company expressed interest in advanced technology to heat steel dies. In response, Thermika's team began developing an Infra-red heating system for industrial processes. This resulted in the successful design of an efficient Infra-red Die heating oven. The next crucial step was to develop a control system that streamlined operational functions within the plant.

  • Today Thermika is very proud to offer the most advanced control systems in the industry with an improved high efficiency Infra-red heating system making Thermika die ovens the absolute state-of-the-art in aluminum extrusion. 
  • Thermika is made entirely in North America Thermika offers the fastest heat up times without jeopardizing the die integrity 
  • Thermika offers remote access capability for troubleshooting Allen Bradley microprocessor (spare parts available off the shelf at any local store that handles Allen Bradley) 
  • Custom recipe system and programming for different temperatures AB panelview 
  • Thermika heater terminals terminate on the outside of the chamber away from high heat zones Thermika heater panels are thick and provide extra insulation and projects more heat toward the die 

Other critical points of cost savings when using Thermika die oven: 
  • Virtually eliminate starter billets 
  • Virtually eliminate plugged dies 
  • Significantly reduce broken dies Improve recovery 
  • Reduce energy costs to heat dies 
  • Reduce stress on press Improve surface finish quality 

More Cost saving items: 
  • Energy savings up to 50 % vs conventional die ovens 
  • Short cycle heating 
  • Scrap reduction Improves even run out lengths on multi-hole dies 
  • Lower die bearing wear 
  • Reduced oxidation on tooling 
  • Elimination of Die annealing 
  • Get investment payback in less than 1 year with repeatable accurate 
  • Die heating Heat Dies from a cold start eliminating the constant use of energy 
  • User friendly Operator functions 
  • Calibration changes done easily in house 
  • Simplicity in maintenance Fast, Repeatable and Accurate Increase production and lower cost