Kevlar for handling systems

Durable, maintains Superior Surface Finish on your extrusions, Heat Resistant
Thermotex is the latest generation of heat resistant material designed to replace carbon blocks for run out and cooling processes. This extrusion felt product eliminates marks caused by temperature variation and also prevents scratches, dents, or carbon streaks.
Kevlar Roller Covers (Resin and non-resin treated)
Kevlar Roller Covers w/PBO
High temperature (to 1000F, 538C)
Low temperature roller covers (250F, 121C)
All items are custom made per your requirements.
Kevlar Pads for slat runout systems
Kevlar Pads for transfer arms and cooling tables
High temperature (to 1000F, 538C)
Low temperature roller covers (250F, 121C)
Run-out Conveyor Slats- Because of constant friction between extrusions and the slat conveyor, the resin treated version is recommended for a longer lifespan of the run-out conveyor.
Lift over arms- The same quality Kevlar pad is recommended for protection in this area of the handling system.
Walking beam sizes: (width and length of the felt are manufactured to user specification)
· KG302H (10mm thick)
· KG302E (6mm thick)
· KG205C (6mm thick) up to 450F
Kevlar Belts for cooling table
Medium and low temp belts for stretcher and saw storage tables

KG302H and KG302E High temperature felts provide heat resistance necessary for cooling tables. Thermotex belts tolerate high tension, which may be required to prevent excessive belt slippage under heavy loads. Thermotex with C2 style (polyester backing) are available with or without a V groove guide. New timing belt style backing is also available and recommended for systems, which consistently transfer heavy profiles.