Belco LPG log furnace

The equipment will be available end of 2011

  • Number of furnace: 15920-88
  • 2 zone aluminium billet furnace
  • Log size :7"
  • Year of manufacturing :1988
  • LPG gas
  • Revamped :2005
  • New Allan-Bradley PLC
  • New servo control temperature controllers
  • Extension of 1 meter of the firing zones addition of extra 50% of firing zone divided between the two zones
  • New exit door design
  • Firing zone rollers were replaced with 4 units of H13 steel trays.(rollers will never fall down)
  • Extra of 1 meter in the furnace back of pre-preheating zone.
  • After revamp the production capacity 1.3 ton/hour at max temp of billet 500 c
  • This furnace is steel working in plant and will continue to work until the end of this year.