Billet Oven up to 7 inch billet (djcnml)

Billet Heating:
Granco-Clark Model Type S7-5-2 Hot Jet 2-Zone Billet Heating Furnace (refurbished in 2003). Natural Gas fired with Maxon Burners. 4700-Lb./Hour 6-Billet to 950ºF. Has a maximum temperature of 1100 ºF. Controlled with an Epic Electronic Pressure Indicating Controller. Displays on Barber Coleman 560 Dual Zone Digital Readouts.
Billet diameter:Up to 7” Billet
Operating Temperature: Up to 1100 ºF
Max. Temperature:1100 ºF -593.3 ºC
Number of Zones: 2 zones 
Oven Total Length:25 ’- 7.62meters