Extral Technology

Introducing Extral Technology


  • Italian Craftsmanship
  • Italian Ingenuity
  • Front loading
  • Short stroke
  • Compact, strong, fast
  • Very rigid structure which guaranties a top quality level for the extrusion.

Interested in being the lowest cost extruder in your market? If you aren’t familiar with the new, modern, and world-class Extral Technology extrusion equipment, then maybe you should be. Extral manufactures a state-of-the-art complete press line that employs fast, strong, and compact technology and is crafted with Italian ingenuity to enhance the efficiency of the production line. The columns, platen, and main cylinders are made of forged steel and the pre-stressed columns create a very solid and rigid structure. The automatic die changing cycle, along with reliable two-part billet loading, reduces manpower and increases quality and efficiency through less handling. And, speaking of handling, the Extral downstream system is the most simple and efficient line available in the world today and is recognized for its low cost simplicity. This Extral system has a unique racking system which eliminates spacer bars, unnecessary handling, and ultimately reduces manpower to the lowest in the industry. This machine-operated system reduces scrap, improves quality, and positions the owners to offer the most cost effective system in the world today. The Extral system will allow extruders to stay organized, be constantly productive, reduce scrap offer the finest quality extrusion to its customers. Extral is a one stop shop which offers a complete system made by one manufacturer! 

  • Columns, platen and main cylinder made of forged steel.
  • Pre-stressed columns.
  • The shortest dead time on the market in very safe cycle conditions.
  • Low installation costs
  • Low civil works costs
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Less wear due to the short stroke movements.
  • Minimum air enclosed in the container during the original billet loading:
  • No explosion in the container.
  • Fewer blisters on the extrusions
  • Fixed dummy block always in the container
  • Reliable alignment, fewer problems/less risks
  • Precise butt shearing which avoids air being enclosed in the die chamber.
  • Reliable two part billet loading
  • Quick Automatic die changing cycle