1800 ton Sutton Extrusion press line (left hand)

Manufacturer: Sutton
Year of manufacture: 1975
Tonnage: 1800MT at 3000 p.s.i.
Max billet size: 7" x 800mm (31.5" approx.)
Hydraulics: OilGear (refurbished 2008 by OilGear USA) with manifolds and (2) DVV15030 pumps; Vickers auxiliary pump
Oil Filtration with double heat exchanger cooling system-10microns
PLC: Allen Bradley slc4
Die shuttle: Rotating double cassette
Log furnace: Belco USA, 2 zone gas fired with Allen Bradley plc controls
Hot Log Shear Includes lag table for 7" x 7M logs and Omron PLC
Handling system: Granco Clark belt style system
Water quench
Air cooling system
Puller: 1990 with 0-150kg pulling force and hydraulic drive motor
PLC: Omron
Age Oven Granco Clark
o Length: 42ft (13000mm)
o Width: 6.5ft (2000mm)
o Height: 6ft (1800mm)