About Tom

We are suppliers to the aluminum extruder. We offer aluminum extrusion equipment, parts, services and supplies exclusively to the aluminum extruder. On our website you will find used aluminum extrusion presses; handling systems; pullers; stretchers; hot saws; water quench systems; finish saws; billet saws; age ovens; die ovens; billet furnaces; log furnaces and shears; Extrudehone machines; optical comparators; production information management software for aluminum extruders; hi temperature Kevlar felt for handling systems, roller covers, hi-temperature belts, pads, and spacer covers; pumps; motors; cooling fans; die shop supplies, diamond files and burrs; carbide tipped saw blades; die storage systems; graphite lubrication sticks; and other spare parts for extrusion presses.

We have had paint lines and anodize lines for sale, automated packing systems and stackers. We have polyethylene packaging film.

In addition our services include aluminum extrusion press replacement parts:
  • Container shifting cylinders
  • Die slides
  • Die shuffles
  • Tie rods
  • Containers
  • Container relines
  • Stems
  • Dummy blocks

We occasionally have parts for the following presses: Sutton, Youngstown, BLH, Loewy, UBE, Farrell, Watson Stillman, Wean and Clecim.

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